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P Please be advised that we deal with repairs of devices during the warranty period and only those that have a valid warranty card issued by Us.
Before sending a complaint to us, please read the instruction manual carefully. Particularly important are those parts of the instructions that are written in bold. Carefully reading the instructions will allow you to avoid the hassles associated with the process of unnecessary complaints.


We must emphasize that when we consider a complaint when assessing the causes of the defect, we firstly decide whether the cause of the defect, i.e. the reason for the complaint is due to design or manufacturing error, or whether it results from other reasons independent of the device.

This is indeed so much that sometimes when considering the complaint, it is stated that the lack or improper operation of the device is caused, for example, by poor selection, incorrect installation or incorrect use. In such cases, please understand that due to the huge number of situations for users we are not able to, but we also have no obligation to find the reason for the lack of work of our device for reasons independent of this product.