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Our priority is the sale of water pumps. The offer includes equipment for agriculture, industry and households. It is directed to both commercial and installation companies as well as directly to individual users. We provide our clients with professional advice, attractive prices and the shortest possible delivery times. Many years of experience and knowledge that we have have allowed us to develop an excellent opinion on the quality of our products and are a guarantee of satisfaction for their users.

Who we are

  • We have more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture of helical gears, gearboxes and mechanical products.
  • Our products are exported to more than 30 countries under our brands.
  • Our product line includes various products that complement the needs of various industries such as quarrying, mining, concrete, solar power, agriculture, lifting, steel rolling and many more.
  • Our manufacturing facilities are located near New Delhi and are equipped with the latest CNC machines to manufacture high quality products.
  • Gear are made from high quality alloy steels, case hardened for strength and ground on Swiss Reishauer machines for efficient and quiet operation. The gears are tested for an error profile on computer testers.
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified systems ensure 100% record keeping, inspection and traceability of all our products and components.
    The products are designed to be compact, robust and economical.
  • Selection of good raw materials with good engineering manufacturing practices ensure the smooth operation and safety of our products.
  • The raw materials are metallurgical tested before production. The end products undergo non-destructive testing, microstructure analysis and crack testing to ensure the difficulty in high quality free gears.
  • Special gearboxes are manufactured according to customer specifications and standards.We participate in exhibitions around the world to showcase a high quality product and invite customers to visit our world class manufacturing facilities.

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